A Game of Thrones podcast starring two chicks; one a GOT veteran, the other a NEWB.
We go episode by episode to review our top WTF moments, and our favorite wines.
Our grand finale will be live streaming (hopefully) reactions to the final season.

*minimal spoilers


Latest Episode

39: S8-Episode 6 "The Iron Throne"

Season 8, Cast 39



About TITS and WINE

Casey and Nicole have been friends since pre-school. When Casey found out Nicole hadn’t seen Game of Thrones she began to hound her relentlessly t watch, and to start a podcast to discuss her journey. Having read the books first, Casey has watched the show since the beginning, and since re-read the books, and re-watched the show multiple times. There’s not a theory she hasn’t heard (time travelling fetus?) 

In contrast, Nicole has been busy kicking-ass  getting her doctorate, raising the cutest little girl on the planet, and traveling to Casey’s city to hang out with Casey’s husband’s best friend (it’s a modern day love story!) So there has been little time for Westeros. Well now it’s time! Nicole’s Watch has BEGUN….



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Pilot Episode : Episodes 1 - 3 (sort of)

Season 1, Episode 1

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Tits and Wine

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